Deputy Mayor Candidate Says Robo Calls Targeted Mayoral Candidate John Trude

Mayoral Candidates Collingwood
Collingwood Mayoral Candidates John Trude, Brian Saunderson, Michael Blair

There is another mystery unfolding along the Collingwood municipal election campaign trail.

Deputy Mayor Candidate Ian Chadwick has written on his blog that Collingwood residents are receiving robocalls, designed to attack Mayoral Candidate John Trude.

A robocall is a phone call that uses a computerized autodialer to deliver a pre-recorded message.

Chadwick wrote in his September 30th blog post that the call begins by pretending to be a survey asking who you will vote for in the municipal campaign, but after three questions turns into a nasty attack ad against mayoral candidate John Trude.

“Many Collingwood residents have, and every one I’ve spoken to thinks they are in appallingly bad taste.”

He added;

”If nothing more, this shows how unsuited for the position of mayor Trude’s opponent is. Your election choice is so much clearer now.”

Mr. Chadwick seems to tie one specific mayoral candidate to the alleged calls in the above quote from his web site, but he fell short of naming him.

Town of Collingwood CAO Fareed Amin said that he is unaware of any complaints received at Town Hall for robocall activity targeting Mayoral Candidate John Trude.

Ed Christie and Sonny Foley both quite ably served on Collingwood Council for many years and they lived outside Collingwood
–Mayoral Candidate John Trude

Mayoral Candidate John Trude told that he has been advised about the robo calls and understands there are questions about where a candidate lives.

“I am aware of a robo call type of survey as people have told me, but I haven’t received the call. I understand one of the questions is related to where a candidate lives.

While it’s true I don’t live in Collingwood, I do only reside 300m outside of town, and am qualified to run by the legislation. I have been somewhat of a fixture in Collingwood for 34 years – and it’s not like I’m the first – Ed Christie and Sonny Foley both quite ably served on Collingwood Council for many years and they lived outside Collingwood as well.

I have no idea who may be behind the survey, but can’t really concern myself with what others do, I can’t affect that. I don’t think most people react well to negative personal issues and prefer to stay focused on issues.”

Mayoral Candidate Michael Blair denied having knowledge of any robocall activity.

“I have no robo calls or any other kind of attacks on my very qualified opponents. Either of them would be a good mayor.”

Mayoral Candidate Brian Saunderson denied having knowledge of any robocall activity.

“I am not aware of a robo-call message that attacks Mr. Trude. I have been very clear in my campaign messaging from the start and have campaigned on my platform, my record as Deputy Mayor and my vision for Collingwood. I have no need to attack my opponents and believe negative campaigning shows a lack of leadership.”

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