Councillor Kevin Lloyd Continues To Express Objection Of Utility Sale to Epcor

Collingwood Councillor Kevin Lloyd

Collingwood Councillor Kevin Lloyd continues to express his opposition of the sale of the remaining 50 percent of Collus.

Councillor Kevin Lloyd has written to the Ontario Energy Board to express his concerns about the sale of 50% of Collus PowerStream to Epcor.

His letter to the OEB is posted on the Ontario Energy Board web site. Lloyd makes it clear to the regulatory body that he was never in agreement with the sale.

“I’m a sitting Councillor for the Town of Collingwood. For the sake of disclosure, I have opposed this sale from the beginning”

In his letter to the Ontario Energy Board, Lloyd states that he feels the sale is not in the best interests of the residents presently served by Collus PowerStream.

“In the case of the sale of the remaining 50% of Collus PowerStream and the subsequent sale of 100% to EPCOR, I am deeply concerned that the process was not in the best interest of all parties, including the residents.”

Lloyd states in his letter that the public had no input into the process which is unacceptable when disposing of a public asset.

“I am asking you to seriously consider the process that led us to where we are today when reviewing this application.”

I will at some point be requesting a third party inquiry into this process as a whole.

Councillor Lloyd has been outspoken from the beginning in his opposition of the sale of the remaining 50 percent of Collus PowerStream to Edmonton based Epcor.

“If council approves the share of Collus PowerStream this evening, it will be a sad day for the people of Collingwood. This is, in my opinion, not in the best interest of the community and the tax payers.”

Those were the words of Councillor Kevin Lloyd at a special meeting of Collingwood Town Council on Monday October 23, 2017 just prior to a council vote on a motion to sell the Town of Collingwood’s fifty percent share of Collus Powerstream to Edmonton based Epcor.

Lloyd stated that he felt the process was not open and transparent, adding had it been, his conclusion may have been different.

“And lastly, if this bylaw is passed I will at some point be requesting a third party inquiry into this process as a whole.”

As it turns out, a third party inquiry was initiated, not for the Epcor transaction Councillor Lloyd is speaking out about, but for the initial 2012 sale off 50 per cent of Collus to PowerStream.

That Judicial Inquiry is now underway.


Any member of the public is allowed to write to the OEB with comments.

All letters of comment sent to the Ontario Energy Board are placed on the public record. This means the letters can be seen at our offices and will be placed on our website. Before the letter of comment is placed on the public record, all personal (i.e. not business) contact information is removed, such as the individual’s address, fax and phone numbers, and email address. The individual’s name and the content of the letter will become part of the public record.

The Corporation of the Town of Collingwood and EPCOR Collingwood Distribution Corp. have applied to the Ontario Energy Board for approval of two share purchase transactions that would result in EPCOR Collingwood Distribution Corp. becoming the new owner of Collus PowerStream Corp.

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