Councillor Hamlin Concerned About Infill Developments in Collingwood

Councillor Yvonne Hamlin

Collingwood Councillor Yvonne Hamlin is concerned about how the Town deals with infill developments.

Town of Collingwood Councillor Yvonne Hamlin is concerned about how the Town currently deals with infill developments. Hamlin told members of Collingwood Council on Monday January 28th that she would like to see a public meeting scheduled to discuss the matter.

Mayor Brian Saunderson said the Town is currently going through a policy review and he feels public input would be a part of the process as the Town moves forward to revise its policies.

Hamlin says over the past month, at several meetings, she has asked the Town’s Director of Planning whether she would be able to deal with specific infill bylaw changes.

Hamlin said the answer she received was that the Director intended to bring some changes forward to the bylaw by summer.

Hamlin’s request at the January 28th council meeting was to ask that a process be put in place to gather information from town residents regarding the issues surrounding infill development within Collingwood that they feel are important.

She said this in turn will provide town staff with important information so they have something to work with.

“I know there will be a staff report on these infill issues and there will be public meetings and whether or not it’s wound into an official plan review and the bylaw that will come out of that could be a few years away.But I’m specifically asking of changes that will be made to our zoning bylaw to address how we can address, I’m going to call them ‘the monster homes’ that we are seeing come up in our community that don’t have regard to neighbouring properties.”

Infill development represents the use of land within a community’s built-up area approved for further construction.