Council Approves Update to Noise Bylaw at May 14th Meeting

Collingwood Council has voted in favour of a Staff recommended amended noise bylaw for the Town. The matter has generated a great deal of discussion from both Collingwood residents and developers and was up for discussion once again at the May 14th regular meeting of Collingwood Town Council.

Loud, site alteration equipment must now remain silent on weekends and holidays in the Town of Collingwood.

Draft Noise Control By-law
Council approved the final Noise Control By-law, with the following provisions related to construction noise:

Domestic or homeowner construction equipment noise is permitted 7 days week.
Permitted: Monday – Friday 7AM to 7PM & Saturday/Sunday/Holiday from 8AM – 6PM.

Construction equipment noise is permitted 6 days week.
Permitted: Monday – Friday 7AM to 7PM & Saturday 8AM to 4PM
Prohibited: Sundays & Holidays

Construction equipment noise from “Site Alteration” activities on “active development” sites is permitted 5 days a week
Permitted: Monday – Friday, 7AM to 7PM
Prohibited: Saturdays, Sundays & Holidays

C2018-14 Draft Noise Control By-law

THAT Staff Report C2018-14, recommending Council enact and pass Noise Control By-law 2018-032, based on the following provisions pertaining to commercial construction noise, be approved:

*Council to choose one of the following:

1. All Construction noise from active development sites be prohibited Saturday, Sunday and Holidays.

2. Construction noise from “Site Alteration Equipment” on active development sites be prohibited on Saturday, Sunday and Holidays. (staff supported)

Collingwood Deputy Mayor Brian Saunderson reviewed the key points in the latest revision to the Town’s noise bylaw prior to council’s vote to make sure council and the public clearly understood what was being put forward in terms of a revised bylaw.

“In terms of even handedness, you are allowing domestic owners and developers to do essentially the same things in terms of nail guns, framing, roofing and that sort of thing on Saturdays from 8:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. with the exception that they can’t do any major excavation or site alterations in terms of heavy equipment operating that is going to cause vibrations and significant noise in the communities. “

Saunderson said what the Town is prohibiting is massive equipment moving large chunks of land, infilling, grading, digging and activities that would cause a great deal of disruption and noise on a weekend.

“This is a noise bylaw to contain noise. It’s not an anti-development bylaw. We’re treating the owners and developers similarly with respect for what they can do on their properties on a Saturday. There can be no use of heavy machinery equipment the type of which a normal domestic owner wouldn’t be using on their own lot.”

Not all councillors were on board with the updated bylaw. Councillor Tim Fryer did not support the motion.

“I’m not going to support the motion because I continue to believe that the original option one was the correct way to go which was originally put forward by staff. I think one of the reasons the Chief Building Official is even going to the point of saying that he feels which is 8:00 a.m. until 1:00 p.m. on Saturday should be open for business is a goal of keeping costs down. After the BIM (Business In Motion) meeting I think all of our efforts need to centre on minimizing cost escalation as developers attempt to make business decisions incorporating the critical concerns of our community and therefore I’m not going to support this.”

Councillor Mike Edwards said he felt it was an important exercise to generate a great deal of public input on the noise bylaw matter.

“I think it does work out to be a good compromise and it allows work on development sites that need to be caught up perhaps through bad weather or whatever, and also allows residents to complete the same work.”

In a recorded vote, Deputy Mayor Brian Saunderson, Councillors Mike Edwards, Kathy Jeffery, Bob Madigan, Cam Ecclestone and Deb Doherty voted in favour of the Staff Report recommendations. Mayor Sandra Cooper, Councillors Tim Fryer and Kevin Lloyd voted against.

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