Construction of Gathering Place at Harbourview Park Underway

Work is now underway at Harbourview Park to construct an important component of the Town of Collingwood’s Harbourfront Master Plan.

On Monday March 26th, Collingwood Council reviewed Staff Report PRC2018-05, prepared by Dean Collver, Director of Parks, Recreation, and Culture and approved a budget envelope of $600,000, from the Waterfront Master Plan Reserve, to accomplish the construction of a Gathering Place feature in Harbourview Park by September of this year.

“This generous offer from the United Steel Workers kind of puts us into fast motion because their convention ends on September 6th and that’s the date we need to be completed by. In order to access their offer which is generous, we need to really move fast.”

The indigenous consultation, design and engineering plan has been completed. Following this, a construction plan was developed. Work is now underway including grading, servicing, materials acquisition, concrete form work, and the pre-fabrication of all of the facility parts.

At the March 26th meeting of Council, Collver reassured everyone that the work will be completed by the September 6th deadline.

Council approved the $600,000 budget envelope to complete the Gathering Circle.

“This is as compared to the $750,000.00 that was indicated in the Waterfront Master Plan and it would come from the $2 million Waterfront Master Plan reserve.”

Collver said USW members are providing skilled trades and labour to assist with the construction of the project and said he would let them make their own announcement as to what any further financial contribution might be when the time is right.

Please note that the trail system along Harbourview Park is not impacted by the construction of the Gathering Circle.


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