Colltrans To Nottawa Discussion

Collingwood Council will review a letter from a grade 8 Nottawa student on Monday, February 12th.

Alicia Schrader wrote to Mayor Sandra Cooper asking that the town consider extending the Colltrans Bus Service to Nottawa.

Schrader said that many Nottawa residents don’t have a method of transportation to Collingwood.

“I would like to suggest a bus system to travel from Nottawa to Collingwood. The fees would be the same as those of the Collingwood town buses, $2.00 per ride. These buses would provide more business to Collingwood, because of the number of people living in Nottawa who enjoy shopping in the boutiques and restaurants downtown.”

Schrader also said a bus to Collingwood from Nottawa would provide a safer method of transportation for young people. At present, without sidewalks, the most direct route back and forth is on the shoulder along the busy highway.

“In addition there are not adequate sidewalks or bike lanes, which is unsafe and dangerous for children. Rather than take this precarious route, the children could simply take the bus into town, which would be safer and cause less worry for parents.”

Alicia is very serious about this matter.

“I would like my suggestion to be taken into account and discussed, if not adopted.”

Mayor Sandra Cooper wrote back to Alicia, thanking her for expressing her thoughts on a possible transit link between Collingwood and Nottawa. Cooper promised to have the letter added to the Consent Agenda for discussion at the council table, and said that her letter would be forwarded to Debbie Korolnek, General Manager of Engineering, Planning and Environment for the County of Simcoe for further consideration.

A fan of a winning professional hockey team is always happy to know that there are good young hockey players developing in the minor leagues.

I think we have a first round politician in the making here.

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