Collingwood Terry Fox Run 2018

For over 30 years The Terry Fox Foundation has worked to achieve Terry’s vision – a world without cancer.

Collingwood citizens certainly know how to support an important cause.

Our incredible sense of community was on full display today as runners, walkers and bikers enjoyed a warm, sunny September morning as they took part in the annual Terry Rox Run on Sunday September 16th.

Terry Fox Runs are held in over 9000 communities across Canada. The goal is to raise funds for cancer research.

The 2018 Collingwood Run has raised close to $24,000 dollars.

Lauren Lesage – 2018 Canadian Terry Fox Ambassador

Lauren Lesage
Lauren Lesage - Terry Fox Collingwood 2018
Lauren Lesage told the large turnout for the 2018 event about her battle with cancer. Her story gave everyone within earshot added strength to move forward with life and to enjoy each day.

The Terry Fox Foundation annually highlights a young cancer survivor from the Terry Fox community of supporters. Young Collingwood resident Lauren Lesage is the 2018 Terry Fox Ambassador.

Lauren provided opening remarks just before Collingwood participants hit the trails of Harbourview Park.

Lauren told the Terry Fox Foundation that she doesn’t remember a lot about her cancer treatments or being in the hospital for that matter, but her mother does.

“She tells me that I was only 6 months old when she and my dad were told that I had cancer. They wanted to run from the hospital because they were so scared but the doctors and nurses soon became like their family. I had cancer in my eyes that went away after the doctors gave me chemotherapy.”

Lauren says when she was almost three the doctors wanted to remove one of her eyes.

“Lucky for me my mom and dad wouldn’t let them.”

Terry Geddes, Lauren Lesage, Terry Fox 2018

Lauren’s grandfather, former Collingwood Mayor Terry Geddes, participated in the opening ceremony. Geddes along with John Kirby organized the very first Collingwood Terry Fox Run. Geddes said is was a highlight of his life to be able to introduce his grand-daughter and hear her speak with such authority about her courageous battle with cancer as a young child.

Here are some photos from the 2018 Collingwood Terry Fox Run

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