Collingwood General & Marine Hospital Strategic Plan

Collingwood Council heard from Norah Holder, President and CEO of the Collingwood General & Marine Hospital at the June 11th regular meeting of council. Holder presented the Hospital’s Strategic Plan.

Holder stated the General & Marine Hospital’s vision is to provide Outstanding Care for Life, adding the hospital’s mission is to advance community health through compassionate, innovative and collaborative care.

Norah Holder was introduced as President and CEO by the Collingwood General & Marine Hospital Board of Trusteese ffective August 1, 2017.

We focus on the ongoing evolving needs of our patients and families.

“We will provide compassionate patient and family-centered care of the highest standard to deliver an exceptional experience. Within a best practice environment, key drivers will include the patient/family voice, and a culture of innovation and safety.”

• Improve access to timely and appropriate care, particularly with respect to emergency care and care transitions.
• Advance care closer to home
• Enhance capacity and coordination for seniors and individuals with complex needs

We innovate continuously and successfully in all that we do.

“We will seek innovative solutions to enhance the patient experience, health outcomes for our community, and hospital sustainability while strengthening existing and building new partnerships. “
• Find innovative methods to manage financial sustainability in support of our mission and accountability for the patient experience
• Seek and share innovative ideas to improve service delivery and create value across the health system
• Plan for a new hospital designed to advance human health and well-being with our community and our partners
• Be a leader in informing and optimizing funding methodology for mediumsized hospitals
• Harness technology to foster efficiency and accomplish our goals

We collaborate with our community and across the health system for patients to receive a seamless, integrated experience within and beyond our hospital.

“We will contribute to the development of a care delivery system that builds upon and significantly advances the health of our community. We will continue to work with our many partners so that patients receive care in the most appropriate setting and find it easier to navigate the health “system”. We align with provincial and community priorities to transform and integrate the healthcare system. “

• Collaborate with members of the South Georgian Bay Alliance to achieve a stronger and more effective local system of care
• Collaborate with other valued partners including primary care, neighbouring hospitals, regional and provincial health providers, as well as or patients and their families

We deeply value our skilled and dedicated staff, physicians and volunteers.

“We will ensure a healthy, safe and inclusive workplace which embraces our organizational values. Building upon a culture of engagement in an inter-professional setting, our people will be empowered and encouraged to contribute their input and expertise to enrich the patient experience today and introduce new ideas tomorrow. We are committed to safety, diversity open dialogue, continuous learning/development and the education of the next generation of our people. “
• Continue to invest in our people to be the absolute best they can be
• Recruit and retain highly skilled people who reside in the local area
• Foster and build capacity within our people today and for the future

Councillor Kathy Jeffery congratulated Nora Holder on her leadership and the work of her excellent senior staff team in developing the Strategic Plan.

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