Century of Classics

It Was a Day of Classic Sights in Downtown Collingwood

Collingwood finds many ways to celebrate its heritage.

Century of Classics is the town’s inaugural celebration classic and vintage cars, boats and motorcycles of the 20th Century and it took place up and down Collingwood’s historic main street and along the waterfront on Saturday August 18th.

Owners have spent thousands of hours and dollars restoring, modifying or completely re-engineering their prize possessions, turning back the pages to days gone by.

One proud owner made it clear that his hobby of buying and restoring classic cars is an expensive one.

“We do this for the love of the automobiles … we certainly don’t make any money!”

-Concert Photos: Thom Vincent

A Century of Classic Included Classic Hits by Canadian Music Greats

A big highlight was a concert by Canada’s classic rock band Lighthouse at the downtown Eddie Bush Memorial Arena, with a portion of the proceeds going to the Nottawasaga Lighthouse Preservation Society.

Lighthouse was formed in 1968 in Toronto by vocalist/drummer Skip Prokop and keyboardist Paul Hoffert and quickly went on to enjoy international fame with a string of chart topping hits including One Fine Morning and Sunny Days. “Lighthouse Live!” is one of the all time great live albums, recorded at Carnegie Hall in February 1972. This was the first time a Canadian album had qualified for platinum status. The audience at the Eddie Bush Memorial Arena got to re-live those memories all over again!

Century of Classics invited visitors to sample the great food served up street side by Collingwood’s many fine restaurants and take advantage of the show day sales offered by downtown retail stores and shops.

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