Beds Sit Empty at Hospice Georgian Triangle

Campbell House Hospice - Collingwood

Simcoe-Grey MPP Jim Wilson questions the Ontario Government on funding for Hospice Georgian Triangle in Collingwood

Simcoe-Grey MPP Jim Wilson is once again speaking out about his concerns about what he perceives to be a discrepancy regarding how hospice facilities are funded throughout Ontario. Wilson said he has been raising the issue for close to a decade with the Province but still hasn’t received a satisfactory response.

He went so far as to raise the issue at Queen’s Park on May 3rd.

“Hospice Georgian Triangle in Collingwood, who received no capital funding at all from the province for their ten bed facility, only receives operational funding for six of their ten beds. In fact, their four remaining beds are not allowed to be used and have already sat idle for a year,” said Wilson.

Wilson stated Hospice Georgian Triangle has submitted a number of proposals to the Provincial Government to fund these beds, including proposing to use the beds in collaboration with Collingwood General and Marine Hospital as respite beds or to assist the hospital in coping with capacity problems or situations such as flu outbreaks. The empty beds could also be of use to other area hospices. He said Hospice Georgian Triangle has even considered funding the beds themselves.

The reality is patients currently in Collingwood’s hospital could be receiving the end of life care offered by Hospice Georgian Triangle.

“All of their requests have been turned down. I find it unconscionable four in demand beds are sitting idle at the direction of this government.”

Campbell House was built in 2014 without any capital funding from the province. Wilson points out while the Collingwood build received no provincial capital funding, Hospice Simcoe in Barrie received $2.8 million in capital funding to build its facility.

While his questions have not been answered to his satisfaction regarding Hospice Georgian Triangle funding issues, Wilson did get to participate in a good news story regarding Matthews House Hospice in Alliston.

“I wanted to begin by congratulating the staff and many volunteers of Matthews House Hospice in Alliston. I was pleased to participate in a funding announcement made by the member for Barrie last week where the hospice received $1.2 million to go toward the construction of their new 10-bed facility. This hospice is also to receive operational funding for all 10 of their beds, once open.”

County of Simcoe Announces Funding for Hospice Locations including Collingwood

In a related story, the County of Simcoe has announced it will spend $1.5 million over the next three years to assist in creating new hospice beds.

The Tuesday May 8th announcement stated the money is earmarked for new beds in existing hospice locations in Alliston and Collingwood and for beds in new hospice locations to be constructed in Midland and Orillia.

News story from September, 2014, following the opening of the new Collingwood Hospice Campbell House.

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