Auto Mayors

Mayor Sandra Cooper has just returned from the Ontario Auto Mayors meeting in Oakville on January 19th. Mayor Cooper participates in roundtable discussions throughout the year with mayors from around the province including Barrie, Aurora and Penetanguishene.

Mayor Sandra Cooper - Auto Mayors Roundtable

Oakville Mayor and Auto Mayors Chair Rob Burton tweeted that the Auto Mayors and leaders such as Oakville MP John Oliver, chair of Parliament’s Auto Caucus, gathered for updates on NAFTA and other business from Ray Tanguay (Automotive Advisor, Provincial/Federal Appointee) and Flavio Volpe (President – Auto Parts Manufacturers’ Association).

Burton outlined the importance of protecting Canada’s auto sector.

“Protecting the automotive industry that is so vital to our communities is what has brought us together,” he said. “We know how important its success is to our local economy and Canada. If we look at the numbers, it provides more than 400,000 good, middle-class jobs and makes up 13 per cent of Canadian exports totaling $66 billion. Its stable, steady growth has encouraged new investments and commitments.”

Flavio Volpe, the President of the Auto Parts Manufacturer’s Association, provided engaging, candid and insightful update on NAFTA negotiations ahead of the NAFTA talks taking place in Montreal.

Ray Tanguay, Automotive Advisor to the Government of Canada and the Government of Ontario, delivered key findings of his report on the state of the Canadian automotive industry and actions for the future.

Canada would not be alone in experiencing economic loss should the NAFTA agreement fall apart.

An article on written by Elise von Scheel looked to the worse case scenario, fearing that U.S. President Donald Trump is preparing to “pull the plug.”

“Montreal’s round of NAFTA talks could signal the demise of a golden era of free trade between Canada, Mexico and the United States, according to members of Canada’s advisory panel on the trade meetings.”
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An article written by Alicja Siekierska for the Financial Post stated that many U.S. automakers and politicians are adamantly against pulling out of NAFTA. They say it would hurt the U.S. economy, adding U.S. President Trump’s threat to pull out will hang over officials as they get ready to participate in a sixth round of negotiations, scheduled for the end of January in Montreal.
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The Chair of Parliament’s Auto Caucus, John Oliver tweeted positive thoughts on the tone of the Oakville Auto Mayor’s meeting.

“Great discussion this afternoon at the Auto Mayors meeting about ensuring the automotive sector in Ontario remains a strong economic driver of employment and innovation.”

Markham Mayor Frank Scarpitti tweeted – “Great session important we listen, we talk, and we act Auto Mayors we are not taking a back seat! Scarpitti recently participated in an important ribbon cutting ceremony in his community.

On January 19th, Mayor Scarpitti tweeted – “Thrilled to officially open GM Canada’s Canadian Technical Centre, 150,000 square foot, state-of-the-art facility that will house 700 software engineering jobs located on Warden Ave. in Markham – Canada’s High-Tech Capital.”

The Ontario Auto Mayors work collaboratively at the provincial and federal levels to promote awareness, advocacy and strategic policy initiatives to strengthen the Canadian economy. The objective is to keep the automotive sector strong as a driver of employment, innovation and productivity advances in Ontario towns, cities and across the Canadian economy. In doing so, the automotive industry will be able to afford to look after all of its needs including infrastructure creation and renewal.

Mayors from around the province, including Collingwood Mayor Sandra Cooper, meet regularly throughout the year to discuss issues that impact not only the Ontario automotive scene, but local municipalities as well.

It is critical that Collingwood continues to be a part of the Auto Mayors leadership group to protect existing manufacturing interests and to work to attract new business opportunities.

Pilkington North America manufactures and markets glass and glazing products for the architectural and automotive markets. Its sales are made up of 70 percent automotive products (57 percent Original Equipment and 43 percent Automotive Glass Replacement) and 30 percent architectural).

VOA Canada, Inc. on MacDonald Road in Collingwood produces seatbelt webbing. VOA Canada, Inc. operates as a subsidiary of Autoliv, Inc, the world’s largest automotive safety supplier with sales to all leading car manufacturers worldwide.

Goodall at Third and High Streets in Collingwood develops, manufactures and supplies hose products.