Airport Discussions Continue


In what appears to be a change of thinking by Clearview Township, Mayor Christopher Vanderkruys has written to Collingwood Mayor Sandra Cooper expressing interest in the possibility of purchasing the Collingwood Regional Airport.

“What I am proposing of you and your Council, is that the Town of Collingwood consider providing the Township of Clearview with the first right of refusal during the sale of the Collingwood Regional Airport.”

The letter appeared on the agenda for discussion at the January 29th regular meeting of Collingwood Town Council.

Brian MacDonald, Director, Public Works and Engineering for the Town of Collingwood said the town has not gone out for proposals for the sale of the airport, adding once this process takes place the Town would not be able to entertain Clearview Township’s request.

“Certainly we have not issued our request for proposals the sale of the airport at this time. Once that has occurred we certainly cannot entertain this. It has to be an open and public process and the perspective buyers have to be aware of the terms.”

Vanderkruys stated that the retention of our regional Airport by either a lower or upper tier municipality would be beneficial to all respective taxpayers.

“I think you would agree that the retention of this regional asset by a government organization would be beneficial to the entire Georgian triangle area.”

Looking Back …

Before Christmas, Collingwood Councillor Bob Madigan wondered out loud why Clearview’s representation had been withdrawn.

At the regular meeting of Collingwood Council on Monday December 11, 2017, Madigan said that Clearview Township had been a partner for a very long time but he wanted to know if any specific reasons were given for the decision.

From the Clearview Township Council Minutes – November 13, 2017
14.1 Deputy Mayor Burton (Collingwood Regional Airport)
Moved by Deputy Mayor Burton, Seconded by Councillor Measures, Be It Resolved, that Council of the Township of Clearview hereby:
1) Remove Council representation from the Collingwood Regional Airport.
Motion Carried.

Deputy Mayor Brian Saunderson said he understood that the removal of the money happened in a budget meeting. “I don’t know what the rationale was during that discussion. The vote that took place at the council meeting was to specifically remove their representative, but I don’t know if at that time Councillor Burton gave the rationale for his motion.”

Collingwood Councillor Mike Edwards said that he only knows what was supplied to the town in the documentation from Clearview Township.

“As the Deputy Mayor has said budget approval was taken out for the twenty-five thousand dollars that they give us as part of the regional airport bylaw that we have with them, and Deputy Mayor Burton who is Clearview’s member on the board put forth a motion at council. We were not presented with any documented reasons as to why it would take place.”

At that time Edwards said the town had received nothing official as to why Clearview has pulled away.

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