Collingwood Whiskylicious
David Dobbin, AVP and General Manager of Canadian Mist Distillers, takes part in a previous kick-off event promoting Collingwood Canadian Whisky

The ten day festival Whiskylicious is underway.

The annual event celebrates the ongoing production of Canadian Whisky and Collingwood’s proud heritage with Canadian Mist Distillers. The plant recently celebrated 50 years in Collingwood and is Canada’s longest continuously owned and operated distillery.

“Collingwood Whisky is inspired by the iconic heritage and natural resources of Southern Georgian Bay,” says David Dobbin, AVP and General Manager of Canadian Mist Distillers.

“What stands out about this whisky is that it’s incredibly smooth with no harshness. Full-flavoured and complex with a long, clean finish, you can sip it neat, on the rocks or in classic lighter cocktails, and its characteristics are perfect for a variety of food recipes.”

The talented chefs at more than twenty Collingwood’s local restaurants are offering incredible creations, inspired by Collingwood Whisky.

As a part of the festival, several restaurants are hosting limited-seating, one-of-a-kind special evening events.

Many new events are planned for this year’s event, including The Whiskylicious Launch Party at 65 Simcoe Street featuring the kick-off of the online Barrel Head Art Auction.

The auction is inspired by the theme ‘Journey Forth’ and features the work of twelve local artists who are associated with Tremont Studios. Art pieces using real barrel heads supplied by the Collingwood Distillery will be auctioned off for ten days at whatsonsimcoestreet.com/events/.

Another new event at Whiskylicious 2018 will be the Collingwood Distillery Photo Exhibit.

Cheer on our region’s most skilled bar tenders as they compete in the 2nd annual Collingwood Whiskylicious Bartender Competition.

The Festival Finale on Saturday February 10th starts at 3:00 p.m. at 65 Simcoe Street. The Nottawasaga Lighthouse Preservation Society will be presenting its 2018 plans for the lighthouse.

The full list of participating restaurants, menus and special evening event details are available at available at www.collingwoodwhiskylicious.ca.

Collingwood Whiskeylicious LCBO launch party

Looking Back – Videos of Tasty Treats from Past Collingwood Whiskylicious events

Here are some past creations from former Whiskylicious events in Collingwood … can’t wait to taste what’s coming this year!

Tesoro is one of Collingwood’s most popular restaurants. This video highlights a Whiskylicious menu item from a past festival. Can’t wait to see what will be on the menu this year!

Heavenly Sweets has moved to the Cranberry Village Plaza and is now known as the Heavenly Cafe. While this video features tasty treats from a past festival, we still think you can find the best butter tarts on the planet at Heavenly Cafe on any day!!

When Catch 22 was located in Collingwood, they participated in Whiskylicious. Catch 22 is now located in Wasaga Beach and is still one of the region’s outstanding restaurants!

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