Canada Day 2018 – Happy 151st!

Celebrating Canada’s 151st Birthday, Collingwood Style!

In the grips of a record heat wave, Collingwood residents and visitors to our great town found many ways to celebrate Canada’s 151st birthday. Here are some photos from the weekend …

Collingwood residents got up early to celebrate Canada’s 151st birthday by attending the Canada Day Pancake Breakfast in Downtown Collingwood.

Many people decided to celebrate Canada Day at Sunset Point … the perfect place to beat the heat!

The girl in the photo below was the most popular person at Sunset Point because she was giving away lemonade to help everyone cool down!

Taking a sightseeing cruise aboard the Huronic from Downtown Collingwood was a popular Canada Day event.

Citizenship Reaffirmation Ceremony & Gigantic Canada Day Birthday Cake

Despite the record heat a good crowd attended the annual Citizenship Reaffirmation Ceremony at 12:00 p.m. in front of the Downtown Collingwood Federal Building. Everyone was there to reaffirm his or her Canadian Citizenship, receive a commemorative certificate and have a big piece of birthday cake.

The huge Canada Day birthday cake was prepared by Loblaw’s Great Food and enjoyed by all … quickly … in the record heat!

Councillor Deb Doherty, Director of Parks, Culture & Recreation Dean Collver, Councillor Kevin Lloyd and Town Crier Ken Templeman.

Simcoe-Grey MP Dr. Kellie Leitch, Downtown BIA Board Member Bradley Green, Downtown BIA General Manager Sue Nicholson

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