580 and 590 Sixth Street Proposed Development

A public meeting was held at Collingwood Council on Monday April 30th with regards to a proposed new subdivision to be developed at 580 and 590 Sixth Street.

The purpose of the proposed Official Plan Amendment and Zoning By-law Amendment is to re-designate and rezone the lands with the intent to allow the lands to be developed as a residential Plan of Subdivision for an Apartment Dwelling and as Street Townhouse Dwellings.

The proposed Official Plan Amendment would re-designate a portion of the lands from the Medium Density Residential designation to the High Density Residential designation. This High Density Residential designation would be on that portion of the lands proposed to be a development block for an Apartment Dwelling.

The proposed Zoning By-law Amendment would rezone the lands from the Deferred Residential (DR) zone;

1) to a Residential Fourth Density (R4) zone for a proposed Apartment Dwelling (64 units) and,

2) to a Residential Third Density Exception (R3-E) zone for proposed Street Townhouse Dwellings (42 units).

This R3-E zone proposes exceptions for the Street Townhouse Dwellings including reducing the minimum lot frontages from 7.5 m to 6.0 m, and reducing the minimum lot areas from 225 sq.m to 212 sq.m. A development setback block is also proposed to be rezoned from the Deferred Residential (DR) zone to the Recreation (REC) zone.

Neighbours from nearby Creekside development speaking at the public meeting were pleased to know the developer would be making an attempt to keep some of the mature trees that border the property. One resident talked of the need for privacy and wondered if the developer could be required to build fencing between the proposed new development and Creekside.

One Creekside home owner expressed concern that the proposed new development’s density is significantly beyond anything you would find in Creekside. He was concerned that not enough parking was being planned for the development and also noted an apparent lack of a greenbelt area in the proposed new development.

There was also concern from a Creekside resident over the height of a proposed 4 storey apartment building planned for the new development. He stated that the height of the proposed apartment building exceeds height restrictions imposed on the Creekside development.

Some Creekside subdivision neighbours expressed concern with possible water runoff from the proposed development directly, untreated, into Black Ash Creek. Neighbours were concerned with possible pollution issues and associated impacts on wildlife and nature along the creek.

Mayor Sandra Cooper was concerned about possible parking issues and talked about snow load issues that she felt needed to be addressed. The Mayor was also concerned about possible contaminants finding their way into Black Ash Creek from the proposed new subdivision.

Proposed Plan of Subdivision (580 and 590 Sixth Street)

The proposed Plan of Subdivision pertains to 2.7 ha (6.7 ac) of land municipally addressed as 580 Sixth Street and 590 Sixth Street and legally described as Part of Lot 42, Concession 10, former Township of Nottawasaga, Town of Collingwood.

THE PURPOSE AND EFFECT of the proposed Plan of Subdivision is to subdivide the subject property into blocks for a residential development. The Plan of Subdivision will include an Apartment Dwelling block, various Street Townhouse Dwelling blocks, new public streets, a development setback block and other miscellaneous blocks. The Plan of Subdivision is considering the following residential types;

•A block for One (1) Apartment Dwelling (64 units), and

•Ten (10) blocks for Street Townhouse Dwellings (42 units).

A total of 106 dwelling units are proposed for this Plan of Subdivision. This land is also subject to an application for Official Plan Amendment and Zoning By-law Amendment (Town File No. D084118).

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